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What Christmas Mean To Me

Christmas is upon us
Filling many hearts with cheer
That very special season
That comes but once a year

You don't have to be a Christian
It's a time for all to share
If you open up your heart you'll find
That peace and love dwell there.

Just listen to the carols
Sung by a children's choir
They have such warmth and feeling
They can set your heart on fire

A time when children's faces
Reflect their inner glee
And their happy hearts are smiling
That's what Christmas means to me

It's a time for joy and friendship
That Christmas feeling fills the air
It's a special time for loved ones
To show how much we care

Homes brightly decorated
Most every place you go
With coloured lights and tinsel
And Christmas trees aglow

While you see Santa Clause on rooftops
Our tradition will survive
The feeling that is Christmas
Is very much alive

And those who are against it
Well, I'm prepared to bet
They'll accept without a conscience
The Christmas holidays they get

They'd like to rob us of our Christmas
And they lose all my respect
They would tear down our tradition
With their "political correct".

When religious freedom's threatened
Our world becomes undone
There's numerous religions
And there's room for every one

Most religions have a special time
To honour their belief
And if some were born a Christian
Should they wring their hands in grief?

Many worship different Gods
And I believe that is their right
The Christians have their Jesus
Don't try to hide Him from their sight

And many of our children
Will await with great delight
To open up the presents
Santa brings on Christmas night

To tell our children there's no Santa Clause
I think is pretty rough
Don't rob them of a childhood thrill
They'll grow up soon enough

It seems I see more faces smiling
And my mood is so beguiled
That I feel the same elation
I once felt as a child

Christmas is for everyone
It means so many things
I think of all the happiness
And the goodwill that it brings

It's a time for deep reflection
Of how grand this life can be
And to be thankful for my blessings
That's what Christmas means to me

When a stranger smiles and greets me
With a "Merry Christmas, mate."
I can feel the Christmas spirit
And it makes me feel just great

And if I can feel the spirit
Then anybody can
It's a spirit that inspires us
To love our fellow man

It's a time when all my family
Sit around a Christmas tree
And refresh the love that binds us
That's what Christmas means to me

May peace and love be with you
And the ones that you hold dear
I wish you all a merry Christmas
And a wonderful new year

K.D. Abbott © 2008


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